Back on Land

leibsterawardBefore heading out on vacation, I checked in on the ol’ blog one last time and received the most lovely note from a reader. She, Miss Shelley Jean, bestowed upon my blog a Liebster Award. What a perfectly lovely send-off! “Liebster”, for those of you who took French in high school instead of German, like me, means “dearest”. Rather sweet, n’est pas? Many, many thanks to Shelley…I’m tickled that you have found my blog and find it read-worthy. May others follow 🙂

So…where was I last week?

I was a mermaid.

In the water. On a island. At a beach. By the sea.

There was salt in my hair.

No hairdryers, flat-irons, makeup or shoes for six whole, delicious days.

Instead, there was curly hair, tanned skin and flip-flips.

The water was the color of aqua sea glass. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at it. 

The whooosh of the waves lulled us to sleep at night.

Palms swayed. Pink and coral hibiscus flowers greeted us on each path.

Sand between the toes each day. Should have bought that touristy-yet-cute sign that said “If you are not barefoot, then you are overdressed”. Guess I’ll have to paint one myself. Good words.

Shells, shells, everywhere. Big piles to pour through every day on the shore. Found a yellow one! Found a curly one! Found a perfect one! We brought home over five pounds of them. Nature gave us the most wonderful keepsakes.

There was nothing to think about except the sea and enjoying it. Devouring the sounds, the smells, the sights of it.

Perfect. Relaxing. Restorative. Delightful.

I brought this mermaid home with me to remind me of those enjoyable days. And when my hair curls a little bit, I will know that she still remains.


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