Press “Record”

The first night we landed on our island, we had the great luck to catch a brilliant sunset. We had been wandering around town and as it happened, the hour of the sun’s dip was approaching. So, we migrated to the beach and others did, too. Little by little, folks appeared…coming out of restaurants and off from the nearby road…out onto the beach. As we sat there with our feet in the warm sand, a pod of dolphins even graced us with their presence. Fins would break the water’s surface and gracefully glide under the water, only to reappear a handful of feet away. Those sporadic fins were silhouetted artfully against the increasingly golden sky.

Apricot. Lavender. Pink. Light blues. The colors of the sky were both fire-y and pastel. Quite a sight to behold. You wanted to reach out and somehow be able to scoop them all up in your hands.

The dolphins kept us amused as the sun continued to sink into the horizon…it was a game of I Spy. Where’s the next one going to surface? There is it, did you see it?

The sun finally reached its crescendo and turned into a brilliant scarlet ball, hanging in the sky, just above the fabulously steady horizon line. It hung there. People stared. All were quiet. Pictures were taken. Eyes were glued in place. Fingers pointed. Hush.

That red dot announced itself and Mama Nature, in her masterfully subtle way, said “Record This”. Just like the dot you see when you are holding your video camera. Here’s a red dot for you. Remember this moment. Remember this simple glory.

When the dot dipped, everyone… applauded. That was the part I loved most. The sun-watchers applauded Mama Nature, for doing something that has happened every day of every year, without fail. It was that wonderful and that appreciated.

A great moment looking outward.



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