Of Coconuts and Crabs…

IMG_3542Seeing as it’s been almost a week since we returned home (*sniff*), I think we can now safely say that the vacation is in the past. ‘Twas wonderful and needed and the memories will last a lifetime.

A little recap…in words and pictures…

1. I found this quote upon returning and it’s a good one…”The beach is where our souls realign with the universe. The horizon answers questions. The surroundings give us peace.” I second that.

2. It really isn’t possible to eat too many coconuts products.

3. The scent, site and sound of the Big Ol’ Blue is astoundingly mesmerizing.  I see how the tales of the mermaidy-sirens got their start.
4. In contrast to the coconut products, it IS possible to have too much salt in your hair.

5. Everyone needs at least one week a year where they live in flip-flops, don’t wear makeup, put the hair up in a ponytails and slip on the smallest, most comfortable pieces of clothing ever made by man. Let it ALL Hang Ten.

6. Books, card games, walks on the beach and (the most surprising) Hermit Crab Races are divine substitutions for the all-mighty and stupor-inducing TV.

7. Gator tastes like chicken (although better). Is there any meat out there that doesn’t and when, can someone tell me, did chicken set the bar?

8. Shelling is wildly addictive. It’s the most glorious kind of treasure hunt going.

9. Get into that suit and enjoy yourself. Bikini-babes, cinnamon buns not withstanding.

10. To remove yourself briefly from your routine is to recharge, reset and foster creativity. In other words: Vital. Expand your horizons by looking at new horizons. ‘Nuff said.


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