Words Optional

The other day, I was driving my daughters somewhere and an oooold Michael Jackson song came on. I think it dated back to when I was about 10 (hold your tongue). And to this day…I have no idea what the words are. The three of us strained to understand the words and came away with about one partial sentence. Either we all were experiencing a profound failure to comprehend or Michael’s an-nun-cia-tion leaves something to be desired. I’ll go with number 2 on that one.

I’ve never cared all that much about the Jacksons as a group, so therefore have never taken the time to Google the lyrics, which, Wow! by the grace of the all-mighty internet you can do now. So much for reading the minute type on the back of the album sleeves. Kids these days have it so much easier they have no idea.

Then, yesterday, Aretha Franklin comes on the radio. GOT to love Aretha. Big, burly Aretha. This time I was alone in the car, so I started belting out RESPECT! with all my heart, much to the amusement (I’m sure) of fellow drivers. I think I’ve mentioned this little affliction of mine before in some post. Well, I’m singing along and realize that AGAIN, I have no idea was some of the words are. You know how you sing some parts really, really strongly (to the point that you think you actually sound like the artist singing it, until of course, someone turns the radio down really suddenly) but then you fizzle out at other parts? Well, I’m good until the Take Care, TCP part of the chorus, then it all runs South. What the heck does that even mean?!  TCP? What IS that (despite sounding like either a drug or a cleaning product)? Am I missing something embarrassingly obvious? Is that like some early version of LOL or BFF? Someone, please enlighten me. I’m terrible with this stuff.

I also once told a guy friend (??) of mine that there was a song I liked that reminded me of him whenever I heard it. We’ve all done that kind of thing before. It had a great melody, made me happy, yada yada. Happy, happy thoughts.

He listened to it and then laughed. Turns out it was a break-up song. Well, I’ll be dipped.

AND I WILL ALSO be so bold as to admit something to you right now and here’s your chuckle for the day. You can just owe me one. May it also firmly plant this song in your noggin for the next few hours. Remember the movie Flashdance from the great and powerful 80s? Of course you do. Well, in the title song from that movie, there’s a line that goes “Take your passions and make it happen“. C’mon, everyone sing it with me!  I KID YOU NOT when I say that up until about a mere 3 years ago (therefore proving my nonchalance with song lyrics), I thought that line was “Take your pants off and make it happen.”

If those poor lyricists only knew.

So, go, listen to some good tunes today. Make up some lyrics, learns some new ones, sing along with all you’ve got.

Take your pants off and make it happen, gosh darnit.

3 thoughts on “Words Optional

  1. I’ll fess up.. I used to think that song by Aerosmith was “Do It Like A Lady” but it’s “Dude looks like a lady”. Still laughing at myself as I type this.

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