Meowww x 2

Last night our family adopted two, wee, 9 week-old kittens. Both boys. We already have an old cat and honestly, this move was really for him. We had to put his older brother, who was 19 (!!) to sleep last August and even though we have all showered him with attention, our beautiful, orange boy was lonely and you could tell. Isn’t that amazing? We could totally tell that he was missing his friend.

Animal comprehension is just a mystery to me and I usually fall into the mindset that, like the cartoonist Gary Larson once penned, animals hear “blah blah blah blah ROVER blah blah blah blah ROVER”. I’m usually putting my money on that being the case but then again, there are those moments when you would swear they understand what you are really saying. It’s frankly a little eerie. But then the next minute, they try to eat a piece of furniture or roll around in another animal’s poop and the hierarchy is instantly reset.

But the kittens, ah the kittens! What really was heart-wrenching, though,were the “personal ads” adorning the walls of the shelter advertising the dogs who are in need of a forever home. “Forever Home”… I think that is simultaneously the cutest and the saddest terms ever. And the names alone of the these pooches were enough to melt you into a puddle right there in the reception area….Midge (Midge!), Sweet Pea, Francois, Delilah and Jenny and my absolute favorite, Tanner the Chiweenie. A dog-half Chihuahua and half Dachsund-called a Chiweenie. I am no dog person but I almost couldn’t control myself with this one. I know the word Chiweenie is going to pop into my head from time to time and I’m going to giggle, I just know it.

So, to our cat and our rabbit we added two and now have zany kittens running around. And here my husband and I were just recently rejoicing that are officially out of the little-kid stage of life and are moving on. So much for that. Now we have two infants in the house again. Thankfully they will grow quickly but not before they break a few things and scale a few curtains.

More tales (pictures, too) to come of the wee tails!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone~

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