Not Quite Like Dorothy

I went away this weekend…left my Kansas on a me-only trip…but not because I was fleeing a horrible neighbor with a grudge against my pets or even the fact that I was bored with my home life.

I went away to center and step back into myself. Kripalu yoga and wellness center in the gorgeous Berkshires was the destination and for 72 delicious, scrumptious, brilliant hours my time was my own. My thoughts and my choices were my own. Ahhh (woot! weeeee!)….to say the least.

Today’s post is re-entry mode for me…slowly slipping back into home life with its obligations and chatter. Stories will come with week about what I learned and what I experienced and even what I ate (delish!). Stay tuned.

Whenever you have a chance to be by yourself for a while, you learn a little bit more about the man (or woman) behind the curtain. It’s always amusing and interesting to see what’s back there….



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