This to That

As we stretched into Warrior 2 pose, eventually bending forward at the waist, hands interlaced behind us and finally collapsing over our bent leg to rest upon it for what seemed like the 50th time, the instructor (obviously) noticed that our group was becoming a fatigued. Supportive legs were starting to wobble and shake, breathing was becoming more audible (my mind was wondering where a clock was)….she touched on the idea of Experiencing and Not Just Enduring.

Take stock. In those times when you are uncomfortable, whether it be physically or emotionally, hone in on what you are feeling. Instead, then, of merely trying to muscle through it or hustle through it (the usual reaction)…try to experience it. What IS going on right now? How am I feeling or thinking as I find myself in this spot or bit of time? Can I somehow shift my thinking to lessen the discomfort? Notice, read the situation, make it better or, at least, think of it from a different perspective?

Experience, not just Endure.

This thinking could be applied to strenuous yoga positions, disagreements with friends or families or something as simple as attending (yet another) school function.

Experience, not just Endure. Sink into it.

Maybe a flicker of turning a negative into a positive?

2 thoughts on “This to That

  1. Some receive a spiritual awakening through the burning bush or the bolt of lightening, however, for many it requires a constant beating over the head with a sledge hammer until they finally realize that the stars they see from the thrashing are the lights at the end of the tunnel.
    Also, most of us have a built in forgetter, ergo, we must practice positive affirmations daily and have our mantra ready to ward off the slightest hint of a negative backslide.
    Follow the flicker..
    Love , hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

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