4 Perspectives on 43

Acrostic Poems seem to be big in elementary school. My daughters have come home with quite a few of them over the years. Do we really all need to know how to write an acrostic poem or a haiku to get through our lives? Guess someone out there in academia thinks so.

So, in honor of this day, an acrostic

For all of the nights I have tossed and turned, I realize now that most things seem  better when the sun is up. Quit worrying and sleep well.
Organize what you can, be flexible with what you cannot.
Really make an effort to see family and friends. They are what make life delightful.
Try something that scares you just a little bit, just like good ol’ Eleanor Roosevelt said (mine coming in September: a Warrior Dash)
Yawn, stretch, exercise. Get blood and oxygen flowing throughout your bod. You will better for it in countless ways.

To create is to thrive.
Honor yourself and all that you manage to do. For all the things you think you bomb at, there are a whole lot that you get right. Focus on the positive and more will appear.
Relish the moment. They are fleeting and no two are exactly the same.
Explore, put yourself out there. Wonderful opportunities await and won’t find you unless you start looking for them.
Educate and grow. The numbers might be rising, but there’s no reason to stop growing.

And now for a haiku (I know, how absurd…better this than a Suduku)…

To blow a candle
Time speeds by quick and quicker
Savor the Frosting

Somewhere, a Japanese Haiku master just rolled over in a grave. BUT, the point is to try. With each new year, try. And keep trying.

Moving right along…one of my favorite quotes. You know how I love my quotes. If it didn’t look too odd to be literally surrounded by words, I’d have them plastered all over my house.

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”-Emily Dickinson

Well, go Emily! Those are some words that will make you want to get out of bed each morning. Good things await. Ecstatic things. Who can resist those?

Anddddd…to round out this celebratory post with two more things….humor…and cake. Nothing quite seals the deal like those things (well, throw in a trip or a diamond …) Fabulous x 2!


6 thoughts on “4 Perspectives on 43

  1. Happy Bday, my friend. You’re just a “young-un”! Young at heart is what counts most, anyway.

    1. Got that right!! I embrace all the candles on my cake, no matter the number….still doesn’t prevent me from wanting to hurl pastries from time to time… 😉

  2. Happy Birthday April ! Born on Mother’s Day..that was the best And your mom was born on Lab or Day. That was wonderful timing too.

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