The Dog Ate My Post

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of Daily Frosting, I didn’t write a post. There have been the I’m-stuck-in-bed-sick-as-a-dog days and there have been vacation day absences, but never simply a I-didn’t-do-it day. I feel like a delinquent school child and my readers are the teacher. Can I say that Mom accidentally threw out my post? Or the dog ate it? Or my new kittens ripped it to shreds?

No go. I figured.

Yesterday was merely a case of Basta. Basta meaning “enough”. I simply could not squeeze one more thing into my day and unfortunately, my beloved Daily Frosting had to be the casualty. Any mom out there with school-aged kids knows, as soon as you flip that calendar to May, the lists begin. Sure, there are lists that you make all year long, but for some reason unknown to man (or woman), the universe seems to conspire to cram as much as in-humanly possible into the Spring Days. There’s more daylight! So let’s have after school sports in the evening hours completely botching up dinners and homework and forcing you to run your house like a military unit…you there! you there! We deploy at o-600 hours! Move out! Then you throw in end-of-year concerts and plays (and all of the extended rehearsals), projects, field trips, field days, teachers luncheons, plans for camp (am I too late? Did I miss the deadline? What doctor form??)…..B-a-s-t-a.

You can also kiss housework, regular exercise, sex and meal planning goodbye. You are in list mode and if they aren’t on the list, they aren’t happening.

I am hell-bent and determined, despite all this, to enjoy the spring and not slide in summer a frazzled, harried mess. It’s the run-for-the-plane scenario. Everyone likes to get to the airport with time to spare, have a coffee and sachet onto the plane. No one likes to have to sprint clear across the airport, carry-on bag bouncing against your body (what’s IN there that’s so pointy??), coffee splashing, hair flying behind you.


So instead…..form and breath.

I read this in a yoga magazine yesterday and it couldn’t be more timely. Spooky almost.

Compose your form. Take a breath. Moment by moment. It will all get done-it always does, miraculously enough. You just have to remember that.

Baby steps, little bites…work through that list. Do each thing well, plan and stay focused (remember my post from last week….Experience not just Endure?). And be sure to yell basta when you can see the end of the rope coming. That is imperative. If your cupcakes do not make it to one event, the world is not going to crumble. Promise. There is a perverse sense of Supermom-ness when a mom’s list runneth over and you are getting through them. You hate it but somehow it empowers you. Just make sure it doesn’t break you. I’ve seen one-too-many moms who are so consumed with the quantity of things on their lists that quality goes out the window. They aren’t enjoying the events, or taking care with preparing things…it’s all about crossing items off with the bright red pen (admittedly, one of the most satiating things in the world).

Slow the heck down (I’m really typing this to tell myself at the moment)…experience not just endure. Breathe. Try not to careen into the boarding gate of summer.

Ok, everyone ready to face the lists today? Yes!


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