From Morocco to Whole Foods

…Going against every feeling in the depths of her soul, they parted ways. He to Morocco, while she traveled on the luxurious Queen Elizabeth 2….back to her home, but all the while feeling as though her true home was with him.

He thought about her every day and saw her continuously in the beauty of life. At night, he tossed and turned, hoping that they could somehow be together again. And when that time came, it would be forever.

Letters were exchanged, read and reread a hundred times. The handwriting studied for hours, picturing the writer’s delicate hands that wore the sparkling promise ring of aquamarine and hammered gold.

Finally, not being able to handle the distance, he packed up and fled. He traced her letters, finding her and laid in wait to surprise her at just the right moment. They would finally be together. The Universe would smile and bless them.

A delicate bouquet of pinks and purples, her favorite colors, was purchased for the reunion. With her unaware, he quietly followed her and placed the flowers…

…ON her CAR. In the WHOLE FOODS parking lot.

Whaa? (I’m giggling, are you?)

This little bouquet made me think of the J. Peterman catalogue. Have you ever stopped to read one of them? It really is as zany as the Seinfeld character portrayal. Dramatic and over-the-top…and all for some skirts, sweaters and dresses. I received one recently out of the blue and ended up keeping the thing because it’s such an imaginative and creative read, considering they are merely selling clothing. But with this catalogue, it’s not about the clothing, it’s really about the stories that they come up with for the clothing. They are creating worlds. And events and scenarios. It’s amusing to no end. The scenes they paint are from other eras, the situations outlandish, but the reading is fun. Who knows what they would do with a mysterious bouquet of flowers.

Here I was cooking up a silly story to bestow upon these blooms (lovers? friends? argument? declaration of love? rough morning?), when it could have simply been the wonderful doing of someone who was partaking in a random acts of kindness. Either way, purely delightful.

I loved seeing these flowers wedged there in the door handle-catching this moment. I truly couldn’t pull out that phone fast enough to grab a picture! Had time not been an issue (it was…read yesterday’s post), I would have loved to stick around and watched to see the reaction.

(bet you wish it was you getting that floral surprise…I sure do!)


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