Long Day, Short Year

Whoever blurted out the quote:  “The days are long but the years are short”, was nothing short of a genius.

That CAN NOT be more true.

In a few moments, I will head into our wee kitchen and try to whip up yet a few more school lunches. Again. I tell you, at this point in the school year, school lunches have become the culinary anti-Christ around here. Try to still make it creative, try to still make it healthy….ughhh! I will wager that I am not alone in waiting for the last day of school with bated breath for this reason alone.

Strangely, I have no idea why they are so tedious…after all, I make dinners for everyone  in my family every day, and this is just a small version of one. What’s the big deal? It must have something to do with the fact that it all has to fit into a certain sized bag, can’t be too hot, too cold, or (gasp) too un-cool to eat. Also, as a sidenote, I discovered there’s no packing shelled edamame. They stink something fierce when you open that tupperware. No one wants their kid to be the one with the stinky lunch. That could mark a kid for their whole elementary school career. Nix the edamame.

THEN, after an all-too-quick yoga class, I will head out for yet another field trip with my daughter’s class for the afternoon. Been to this place a few times already, but not with her class, so I’m going. Honestly, why is it always the same parents going on field trips, helping out at class parties, buying the teacher gifts (don’t get me started)? This is one of three field trips in almost three weeks. The school system likes to cram them in during the busiest time of the school year. They think it’s winding down, but May-in most people’s book-is a zany 31 days.

THEN, I will take care of getting my other child to her play rehearsals, for which all of the grandparents are coming into town this weekend to see (hence, meal planning for 8 people the next few days and cleaning the house stem-to-stern), try to remember to pick up the other daughter’s dance costume for her studio pictures next week (must. put. that. on. calendar), take one daughter to swim lessons AND prepare for my husband’s birthday, which falls on Monday. I think there might be something also in there about baking for a teacher appreciation luncheon and picking up books needed for a school project.  The past few nights, I’ve been laughing to myself, because my husband and I have been doing our version of the parent-relay race over the past few weeks: I was with one kiddo at swimming and then he would come and pick up that child and drop off another and I would then stay with them at their tennis lesson (at the same facility). Take other child home, do homework, then WE’D come home and I throw together a very-European-timed dinner…at 8:30. The silver lining to this is that next to the tennis courts is a track, so I exercise for an hour while daughter has her lesson. Kill too birds with one stone! A victory!

But you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing.

These days are sooooo long sometimes. But they also go by sooooo quickly. I was thinking about this because my cousin’s daughter just graduated from college this past weekend. I remember, CLEAR AS A BELL, going to the baby shower for this child, all those years ago. Holy cow. I just did it. I don’t think I can tell you what we had for dinner two days ago, but I am recalling events clearly from twenty-two years ago. I. Just. Got. Old (never. wink, wink).

See, days long, years short. We must enjoy those long days, with the field trips, the baking, the running, the scheduling, because before very long, the wee people that we are doing all these things with will be out having their own long days.

Time to get ready for a fieldtrip….

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