Lows lead to Highs

Last week was a Daily Frosting week like none other so far…I began the week by completely missing a post and I ended the week by pretty much lying to you, my readers: I was late getting to the post on Friday morning and assured you that I would get to it later in the day. I even used the P-word: Promised.

I bombed.

No post on Monday and none came late on Friday.

My apologies to you all, especially to the newest followers out there (of which there are quite a few new ones in the last few weeks!)…I have never had a week like last week in the history of Daily Frosting. Ever. I guess this is testimony to how much the DF has become part of my dailyness…I felt perfectly awful about missing those posts.

The only excuse that I have and can offer is the word Basta. Again with the Basta, I know (see me throwing my hands up in the air, Italian-style)!  In the midst of last week’s uber-copious lists, I tried and tried with all of my might to not come unglued and “ruled” by the lists and, most importantly, I knew when to say it…Basta. To say “Basta” is something that is ridiculously challenging to do, especially in our SuperWoman, multi-tasking world.  I really tried to be conscious of how many things on my list I had to do and how many I could realistically handle…and, unfortanately,  what needed to take a back seat for a small spell.

But I am proud…so proud that I’m really wishing there was some kind of a grown-up Girl Scout-badge-thing…that I kept my head about me, focused in a super-yogi-way on one task at a time and completed them with a smile and a positive demeaner. Even when the steaks that I wanted were no longer on sale AND my daughter’s dance studio forced me to double-back the next day to pick up her recital costume. Mama Bear did not growl at anyone.

Is is rude to want to pat myself on the back? No stinkin’ way, sister. Everyone should pat themselves on the back once in a while for a job well done. Women….men and kids, too…do so much every single day. And when you have done something well, or a series of somethings well, own it. Give yourself a little credit.

Those frazzling lows can become empowering highs.

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