They Do Exist


They do exist, those miracles. Whether big…a house remaining unscathed in the path of a giant tornado…or small…getting all items on your schedule completed and done well…they exist.

Two evenings ago, our 14-year-old cat had a stroke. He went from healthy and vibrant (in his own elderly way) to glazed and pained in a matter of minutes. The next day, yesterday, was my husband’s birthday and I hoped with all of my might that no “decisions” would have to be made regarding the fate of our beloved Myles the Cat, for we had no idea how bad the stroke was.

Thankfully, tests have been given, he is resting now and wee baby aspirins will be administered (how cute is that? baby aspirin for a cat) for a few weeks to stave off any clots that might rear their ugly heads. But he is still with us. And my husband was able to enjoy his day and not have it result in a heartbreaking memory.

A little miracle of sorts.

Love those…

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