Lights, Camera…Bloom!

A few short weeks ago we were trying to catch glimpses of green buds on the trees or bushes and now….ka-pow! Everything is coming out in full-force.The lilacs, in fact, have already left the building. You think that you wouldn’t be able to miss these things, these blooms, but if you aren’t paying attention, a whole lot can come and go right under your nose.

DSCN4615And that is why, yesterday, I chose to take a few short minutes to walk around my garden and snap some shots. The garden at this time of the year is rather active. It always seems silly to use that word, but that’s just what it is. While it might seem to be “just a garden” at a quick glance, so much is happening each day;  a new bud is blooming, tendrils are unfurling, stems are stretching and reaching skyward.  A handful of sunflowers reseeded from last year and I am not kidding, I think they are growing about 3 inches a day. Same with the mint, the strawberries (now if I can just keep the chipmunks from running off with them. Somewhere, in some hole, a few critters are enjoying jam and berries with their morning coffee) and even garlic. I just have to figure out when to harvest my garlic that I planted last fall. Very excited for my 6 new bulbs that all stemmed from one head….each clove planted will yield one bulb. How cool is that? Magnificent multiplication.

For your viewing pleasure today, in the event that you can’t get out and roam your own yard for a few minutes, are some beauties from my garden.Within twenty-four hours, I’m sure the view will change and more players will come to the stage.

Let the show begin….



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