This Little Piggy Went to Market…and Bought Bacon

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to opening day of a local Farmers’ Market. All I can say is this….find one in your area and go. Go all summer long, or subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program via a local farm and then continue supporting farmers during the winter months at the increasingly popular winter markets.

I met farmers. I met chefs. I met other folks just like me who want healthy, fresh food…delicious, unusual, homemade and homegrown food. There was an electricity in the air. That sounds about as hokey as it could, but it’s true. The space of this market was brimming with people who were intent on eating, providing and enjoying great food and, in the process, supporting local farms and farmers who are a dwindling, but an ever-important group.

There was talk about GMOs, organics, getting surplus food to folks who need it (the surplus and subsequent waste in our country generated by stores, restaurants, homes is staggering) and support for farmers.

There was also creativity, enthusiasm, fun and a shared love of the environment and of our common nourishment.

It was a good day. The rain held. I came home with a glorious deep plum and white striped dahlia plant, a bouquet of rainbow chard, a handful of french breakfast radishes and a pound of…wait for it….maple cinnamon bacon from an organic farm specializing in pork, chicken and beef. I sampled fresh chevre with herbes de provence, a very green cleansing drink, homemade brioche, a unique coffee.

It was a very good day.

Support the farms and farmers near you. They will disappear before our very eyes if we don’t. And they are too good to let disappear.

(this radish photo credit goes to http://www.onelovefarm.blogspot.com. These gorgeous radishes are just like the ones I saw today. I was too busy buying and tasting to whip out my camera. Next time!)


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