The Ministry of Motherly Information

The garden needed a little watering, not two consecutive days of it…ok? Mother Nature, are you listening?

Forget the garden, I need some more sunshine at this point, if for no other reason than to give me energy and vitamins and a positive outlook to power through this last month of school with the kids. Honestly. Not a single baby book mentions the end-of-school-year-madness. They all just concentrate on what to expect during the first 12 months. Pshaw…12 months? Give me one that at least does the first 12 years! And then I’ll still need another edition after that…a big one. This is shaping up to be the new Encyclopedia Kid-tannica.

I’m seriously on the verge of writing a “real and true” baby book myself so that all mothers can enter into this thing with eyes wide open. The current ones are all about feedings and crawling and when babies say words and hold crayons…not a single one mentions field trip chaperoning, baking for teacher luncheons on the same weekend that one child is having a dance recital, endless sports practices, end-of-year projects, teacher gifts, needing new clothes every two weeks (the kids, not me. I wish), lunches, lunches, lunches, and on top of lunches the eating machines that your children have turned into which translates to an estimated 20 trips to the grocery store each week. God forbid that food doesn’t jump out at them from the cabinets when they merely enter the house.

But then again…with all of this “secret” information, I could end up killing off an entire planet’s population (who would have a baby after reading this? Ignorance is bliss and a whole lot of other things, apparently) and that would certainly not ultimately help propel my book to the top of the bestseller’s list.

A dilemma.

But then, last night I was trolling on Pinterest (shock of shocks) and what did I come across? One of my favorite slogans in one of its newest iterations. It made me laugh as I looked at my week’s calendar. My little calendar boxes runneth over. I laughed, I was calmed…maybe these crazy posters work?

Funny how this Keep Calm thing has just exploded and chances are that most folks don’t even know it’s origin, aside from it being British. The Keep Calm poster campaign was launched (no pun intended) in Britain in 1939, at the start of the second World War. The Ministry of Information produced it and honestly, could that branch of British government sound any more like something straight out of Harry Potter? The posters were made as a morale boost during wartime and it’s disasters. Explosives and poison gas? Keep Calm and Carry On! Good lord. You have to commend them for being that optimistic. The poster resurfaced in 2000 and has been everywhere since and talk about a transformations (or a mauling of history? You choose.)…now these posters advice you to Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake or as I found on Pinterest last night…


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