How Many Licks?

My family (husband, two daughters, various pets wandering by) and I had a movie night one recent rainy night and we saw the kids’ movie “The Rise of the Guardians”. Thank God someone in Hollywood is finally keying into the reality that grown-ups take kids to movies and shock-of-shocks! it would great to have the grown-ups be entertained, too, as opposed to just sitting there for two hours watching our life tick by in the slowest way possible. Kids’ movies have turned the corner in the last decade or so and some have become faves, even when they get lumped in with adult movies (er…grown up movies. Adult sounds like another blog post). Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Brave…so good that we quote lines from them in our daily rounds.

The Rise of the Guardians had a line in it that really struck me and it was a great concept for kids and adults alike. (there’s one in every movie, of course).The premise of the movie is that there are “guardians” chosen by the man-in-the-moon to watch over the kids of the world…the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Santa, the Easter Bunny….then Jack Frost gets chosen and he wonders why because he generally functions as “the fun guy”. Snow ball fights, scattering frost…nothing too heavy like the Sandman who ensures good dreams for kids or the Tooth Fairy who trades teeth. So at one point, Santa is explaining his rise to guardianship to Jack and he asks him (via the visual of a set of Russian nesting dolls)…”What’s your center?”. Santa’s center was Wonder. Bringing it to children, bringing it to the world and that’s why he was chosen to be the Big Guy that he is.

What’s your center? What’s my center?

What. Is. Your. Center?

Creativity? Well, then, what does that translate to in “real life”? Hope? Humor? Organization? Courage? Love? What is it? How do you first find out what that special core of yours is and then, once you have gotten there and discovered that personal nugget of charm, what will you choose to do with it so that it then grows outward and encompasses your being?

Whether it be like opening a nesting doll one doll at a time or licking a Tootsie Pop (who remembers those ads with that owl?)…there’s something good at the center. Like the Tootsie Pop, the journey can certainly be sweet, with little bits of frustration thrown in (Good. God. How. Many…..I just want the Tootsie roll in the middle!). Hang in there, lick lick lick,  enjoy the sweetness along the way, but try not to bite and rush it…

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