This-n-That, That-n-This

This weekend was just one of those good weekends, the kind that make you not want Monday to roll into town. Super productive, a good mix of social and “homey” and the sun was blazing in all of its glory both days. All fell into line nicely.

A few observances from the weekend…

-If you are wearing yoga pants or spandex of any kind or wait…any clothes of any kind, please, PUH-LEASE FOR THE LOVE! check a full-length mirror before you leave the house. While picking up our pizzas last night, my eyes burned, burned, burned! I say, as I glanced over at a woman loading things into the back of her car. Let me paint you a picture…gray spandex capri leggings. Obvious hot pink undees underneath. How do I know this? Did I suddenly gain the gift of x-ray vision? Noooooooo…the spandex were see-through. There’s really no delicate way to say that she just should not have been in those spandex in the first place, so there, I said it. I so badly wanted to take a pic and stick it on FB as fast as my little fingers could spit out a post, but I’m just no good at the stealth-photos. A friend of mine has a knack for it and I was wishing she was with me during this “sighting”. These pants were so bad and so see-through, I seriously considered that this woman might be “planted” and cameras were lurking, waiting to see people’s reactions. It was horrifying. Unfortunately , I can’t un-see it. Gah! I’ll take a large pizza to go…just hold the spandex.

-Switching gears to a more serious note, to be a part of and witness a ceremony from another religion is both an honor and a privilege. On Saturday, my husband and I attended our second bar mitzvah ever. Number one happened about a month ago. Number three is in two weeks. When it rains, it pours. Not being Jewish, this was new territory for us…the music, the readings, even something as simple as their book that we followed along with being read from back to front. We listened intently and walked away in awe. These are beautiful, personalized ceremonies filled with a true sense of family, belonging, right of passage and beginnings. The highlight of the services, so far for me, has been the speeches given by the parents at the conclusion. There the Mom and Dad are, standing with their child, addressing them and reading a heartfelt speech in front of this gathered group. Their hopes, their pride, their love…all on paper and read aloud for us to hear. I saw some marvelous things in the faces of those parents and children in the moments of those speeches. There was a profound sense of love being communicated, a humbling…there were roots and wings. Here’s were you are but let us help you learn to fly. Fly far and wide. Just be sure to always return. I felt lucky to witness those unique moments.

-In non-spandex, non-religious news, early summer thunderstorms are just the best. Especially when you are sitting on your porch. Dark skies over leafy trees, lightning flashes illuminating the skies. Rumbles from beyond. No rain, wisps of cooler air. Good stuff.

-Pizza tastes better out in the garden than in the house (with no see-through spandex in sight).

-Orange is highly underrated as a garden color…I have one pumpkin-y orange iris blo0ming right now and I’m wishing there were fifty more. Note to self for next year.

-Sometimes, all a child needs is a hug. That bad mood that stems from busy days or too little sleep can sometimes be quelled with something as simple as a hug. Hugs are brilliant elixers….and they don’t cost a thing except a few moments of one’s time.

-And finally, there are still deals to be had in this world. The .99 any-sized iced teas at Dunkin Donuts is one of them.

Have a great Monday, everyone! My CSA share starts today (summer has officially arrived!), so for the next twenty weeks, I’ll be doing one post a week that is devoted to whipping up something wonderful with the week’s gifts from the farm.

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