Summer Lovin’

What do I love about the summer?

I love that even with kids being in possession of all manner of items that begin with “i”…iphone, iPad, iPod…that they can still have a great time with nothing but sand and water. Take any kid to a beach and they won’t tell you for a minute that they are bored, they want to watch tv or there is nothing to do. And all, miraculously, without the aid of anything involving batteries or chargers. iLike. No, iLove.

I love that everything tastes great when grilled. And that cleaning up the kitchen after a grilled dinner is as easy as pie.

I love that fireflies are masters of enchantment. The world’s lights dim low, these little guys and gals come out to play and light up our backyards, and everyone takes notice. Put them in a jar (temporarily) and they have a captive audience…us.

I love that flip flops are considered sensible footwear during the months of June, July and August.

I love that my feet are dirty every night from walking barefoot during the day.

I love that an early morning thunderstorm and rainstorm somehow makes your bed feel two-thousand times cozier.

I love that in the summer you lose track of time due to the fact that it gets dark so much later.

I love that summer reading is somehow so much more enjoyable that other-times-of-the-year reading. Maybe because a glass of iced tea and a porch or good chair accompanies it.

I love that every day in the garden, some new plant is revealing itself. I just found a dramatic, maroon lily the other day that I had absolutely no recollection of planting last fall.

I love that I find sand in my house, beach towels hanging on my back porch railings and the subtle scent of sunscreen on bodies.

I love that you don’t have to rationalize an ice cream cone for lunch if it’s over 90 degrees.

I love that seaglass, despite being just bits of broken bottles, china and refuse, is considered a “find” and something prized. Recycling at its best.

I love that looking for seashells can be considered an event.

I love that an evening baseball game feels like the embodiment of Americana.

I love that the sound of waves is quite possibly the most soothing sound in the entire universe.

So much to love…so much, indeed…

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