April Unplugged

10 days of no TV.

10 days of not reading a newspaper or watching Morning Joe.

10 days of not hearing a phone ring.

10 days of not planting myself in front of a glowing screen.

10 days of almost forgetting that the nation of Facebook existed.

Whoooooo (large exhale)….ahhhh….can you hear me sighing? The cobwebs have been cleared.

Having just spent 10 days in the lakes region of New Hampshire, I find myself  re-set.

I have also been reminded just how important is it to unplug and get in tune with your own natural rhythms every so often. A luxury, sure, but an important lesson.

My brain today, after having a week and a half of great night’s rests, of not looking at big or small glowing screens throughout the day and before bedtime, of drifting off to sleep and rising when my body told me to, feels absolutely reset and adjusted. What a shocker.

I guess that’s exactly what vacations are for. Or least this type of vacation. One where you rely on kayaks, canoes, boats and beautiful lakes for your entertainment, and where you take it slow and see where the days take you. You do wild and crazy things like play cards at night and read good books. You make pancakes for breakfast with the raspberries that you picked the days before (your hands looked like you committed a murder they were so stained and you probably ate a whole pints-worth right off the bushes, but who cares?). You wander and don’t rush anywhere or at any moment of any day.


In this age of rushing, doing more, getting more, got to get it all done!


More important than ever.

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