End with a Beginning

The pencils, pens and notebooks have been tucked into newly cleaned backpacks. We are officially back to making lunches (*note Groan heard ’round the neighborhood*), a new schedule has been set and we are off!  The school year has begun. In my head, I’m hearing the bell of the Kentucky Derby and the announcer screaming like a madman.

But first, time to reflect on summer a bit (there will be more to come, too). As you can plainly see (and how a friend has been ribbing me…”What is this blog now? Monthly Frosting?”), I took time off over the summer. My original intent was to post a little bit here and there but as the weeks crept on, I found that I needed some space from my computer and from the schedule of writing.  In seeing how much time we spend with technology these days, to take a breather from it is an increasingly necessary thing-at least in my book and for my own insanity. Coupled with that, I read an article early in the summer extolling the virtues of “down time” for the benefits of creative thinking.


The summer was filled with the classic June-July-August events and ones that, frankly, I’m not ready to bid farewell to just yet. While part of me is loving the cooler mornings, the changing of the afternoon sunlight and that particular fall-ish scent in the air, part of me wishes that the long, bright-blued skies of summer would remain, gardens would keep on blooming in their vibrant colors and fireflies would keep lighting up our evenings a little bit longer. Such a double-edge sword, August is. Darn you.

Even now, as I type this, the window beside me is open and the cool night air is blowing across my shoulder. There’s an absolute difference to it, too.  It’s not a breeze that comes as a relief from the scorching heat of the day, it’s a breeze that almost wants you to go and grab a light sweater or blanket.

Oh, August. The ultimate love-hate relationship.

While the end of summer is obviously bittersweet, we had the occasion to tie our summer up with the most glorious of bows. A big, white satiny one, in fact, as we attended the wedding of a dear, dear, friend. This friend and I have been thick-as-thieves for a cool thirty years and to see him finally get hitched was the best way to end the summer.

For forty-eight hours, we were existing in the midst of pure joy. This was “one of those weddings”. It surely was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended or even seen; the attention to detail rivaled the utter joy of the couple. Nothing was left to chance and no emotion was left unsaid. It was blissful and to be in its realm was a genuine treat for the soul.

The summer ended…but we witnessed the new life of a couple just beginning.

I count myself lucky in that I was asked to take part in the ceremony by giving a blessing. To say that I felt honored was an understatement, although it had my nerves rattling for the past several weeks-not in regards to speaking in front of the group- but in the hopes that I could convey what I needed to with just the right words and tone.

All went well and mission accomplished, I’m happy to report. Guess that when it’s about speaking from the heart, how can things go wrong?

Bliss. Joy. Happiness. Contentment.

We all feel these emotions at different times in life, but it’s a different and more powerful matter when they are all present together. They are almost palpable. You feel as though you could scoop it up in your arms and carry it around for a while. I guess you do, actually, but you carry it inside.

Nothing but smiles abounded this weekend and any tears were good ones-with the brief exception of the wee ring bearer just before traveling down the aisle. He wanted a partner and didn’t care to go solo; but even he recovered quickly.

And with this brilliant event, we end summer. But new beginnings are glorious.

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