Why. Not.

This week has taught me an invaluable lesson about taking chances.

Nineteen months ago, I began this blog. And it was a total “what the heck” type of move. I had not written before in a public forum of any kind and I was not particularly sure what the blog would even contain. It actually started from a handful of friends asking me if I had one, as they liked my comments and the commentary of my Facebook posts. A little humor, a bit of sentimentality. A dash of silliness thrown in to keep in real, and a whole lot of optimism. A blog? A blog.  I told myself I would figure out how to do it on my own. My computer successes have historically been a mixed bag. The forum began as April-musings and there was only the loosest webbing giving it a structure.

Somehow, it started to give me a focus that I had not had in quite some time. I started looking within and also really taking the time to look around me. To think, to observe in a new way. To formulate, to choose words wisely rather than just spit them out.

The posts began. Some likes. Some more likes. A little exposure. Some good followers. Lots of enthusiasm.

Write this. Write that. Hey now, here comes a writing assignment. Then another. Connecting with and meeting new people. Really, really interesting people.

In the past nineteen months, all because of this blog with the cupcakey name, I’ve met some fabulously intriguing, creative, proactive individuals and had opportunities that I never would have had if I never tapped that “Publish” button for the first time. And they continue. I am tickled, amazed and enthused to no end with this new course of events.

I love those points in time-in your life- when you can see stepping stones filling in the path behind you and others starting to form a direction ahead of you.

“What the heck?” turned to “Why Not?” and now is becoming “I like where this is going”.

“The only safe thing is to take a chance.”

-Mike Nichols


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