Those Moments

…when the world seems frantic and then dipped in slow motion all at once.

Yesterday, I experienced one of those moments.

I was going along in my normal routine when I stopped to check Facebook before continuing on another errand. I had seen several police cars in our area.

Lockdown…a word that no parent wants to hear in conjunction with their child’s school.

What could this be about?

Go to investigate. But surely it’s nothing. Go take a look anyway.

Turn the bend onto the school’s street and see police cars. About a dozen of them all lined up and others on sides of the school.  There were several tv crews (how did they get here so quickly??). A helicopter overhead. I think it was the sound of it that stopped me cold. Like something bad hovering.

Our school was becoming one of those “overhead” videos that we have all seen too many times on the evening news.

Parents were gathering. Questions, lots of questions. Rumors. Everyone on phones. Texting. Texting. Texting.

The thing that struck me was that, as I stood there on the grass looking at the brick facade, there was absolutely no movement in the school. It seemed like the very building was holding it’s breath.


Our Principal emerged, flanked by policemen.  The ordeal had been about an hour. But all was well now.  Better safe than sorry.

I couldn’t agree more. Better safe than sorry.

A mighty exhale.




2 thoughts on “Those Moments

  1. So, what actually caused everything? It’s enough to take a few days off the end of your life. Too scary for words.

    1. One teacher and one aide both reported (at the same time) hearing what they thought were 2 gunshots in the woods right behind the school. Those two reports then led the school to call 911 and report a lockdown. Thankfully, the police (a whole herd plus a helicopter) arrived within 4 minutes. Kids were hiding in their classrooms (I won’t say where…secret!) for a prolonged time and then the lockdown was lifted. Nothing was confirmed or denied…police will still be present at school on Friday~

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