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Switch Gears

I’m laughing as I type this….I had today’s post all mapped out yesterday. It was going to be on “sleep” and the benefits of it and, more pointedly, my quest for more of it.

Well, I was working on an article last night, ended up going to bed, er….too late…and didn’t get to my post.

I laugh.

So, here we are on a sunny early September morning and I’m switching gears. Life is all about that anyway, isn’t it? The constant infliction of that and your ability to move with it. I’ll write about sleep on Monday, when hopefully, I will have gotten some good amounts of it over the weekend.

I went out in my garden yesterday and took some pics of the blooms that are hanging on and giving the garden its last blast of color. God bless the late summer blooms, coming up through all the weeds that I have let run amok for the past month. They rise above, proclaiming that there are beauties to notice, beggin for your attention.

They have it. There’s nothing like a towering sunflower to get mine. Or the dahlias which I am fast falling in love with. Or the surprising “Arizona Sun” flowers that we planted last year (after a trip to Arizona) that were supposed to be annuals. Who knew? Guess they liked their new digs enough to come up again this year and I thank them for that.

Late summer. Early fall.

I sat on the porch this morning, a hot cup of coffee in my grip and enjoyed the nip in the air. My feet were cold but somehow it resonated as delightful.  The sun’s light is starting to change to a more ambery, golden cast now, the grass is slowing its growth, plants are starting to look like they want a rest. But before they go…

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.”

-Helen Hunt Jackson



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