Agua, Por Favor

The beginning of the autumn. School begins, beach bags get cleaned out, backpacks get filled up. New pencils, crisp white-papered notebooks. Such a good time to recalibrate, isn’t it?

You read yesterday (I hope) about my desire to work more sleep into my life, and after researching and listing the many benefits, the need. Sleep. A basic thing that can be taken for granted yet is an integral part of our healthy life.

Here’s another thing. Water. Agua (Spanish). Voda (Russian). Ama (Cherokee) Acqua (Corsican) Uisce (Irish Gaelic).

 I was telling (lecturing?) my kids just this afternoon on the importance of The Basics in life. In their case, and the case of the squabble that they were heatedly involved in with each other, it was Basics such as respect, love, consideration, empathy.

In my case, I’m reviewing the basics of US. Our bodies, our path to health in simple and effective ways. And water-voda-uisce-acqua-again and again, is a key player.

Why the heck is it so hard to drink all the water that you need to each day (men: 13  8-oz cups, women: about 9)? NINE cups sounds like a virtual swimming pool of liquid, but it’s really not. Not in these days of ventis and grandes. Those are a good two-cups each right there, at the least (and costly versus free, always something to consider). There are various opinions, but many seem to count any and all fluids (coffee, tea, milk, water, juices) towards your daily requirement. Fluid is fluid, although caffeine-free fluids are king, so as not to rob you down the line of the fluids you are trying to take in. One venti forward, two back.

I think this drinking water thing was easier before places like Starbucks rolled into town…those lattes are just so appealing. Or Dunkin Donuts with their pumpkin extravaganzas this time of the year. Its crazy the way folks get around “pumpkin” time.  Just big ol’ orange gourds, yet we all go haywire for them when they appear, like clockwork, every year.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should just be drinking out of my stainless steel water bottle instead. Can it count it if  I put the latte (MuchoVenti) in the water bottle? I almost think it should. Somewhere in the universe that makes sense, I’m sure. Nope. Pure, unadulterated, clean water. For your bod, for your mind, for your health. One of those Basics that is actually pretty important.

But it’s so boring and throwing the ol’ cucumber slices or citrus slices in just doesn’t seem to turn it into the party that so many health mags want you to think it is. It’s water.


-your brain is 90% water and guess what makes it hum and work to great capacity?
-your bod is 60% water and guess what makes it hum and function properly?
-what prevents fatigue so you aren’t moving at a sloth’s pace?
-what keeps your skin from looking like an apple-face doll?
-what keep your weight down, because instead of eating a CroNut, you stomach is full?
-what helps your immunity and flushes toxins from your system that our not-so-clean-anymore environment and pesticide-ridden food sources have us accumulating?
-what can prevent certain cancers like bladder and colon cancer because When A River Runs Through It, nothing bad can stick around?
-what prevents muscle cramps and sprains, because when parts are lubricated, they won’t seize up like you are the Tin Man without his oil can?
-and finally, what cures a headache (besides sex), because when you are hydrated, your brain isn’t shriveling up like a raisin and screaming in pain?



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