As I scurried to get my 9 month old baby off to our first Mommy-and-Me yoga class, the phone rang.

Then I turned the TV on.

In attempting to go to a class centered around peace and contentment, the world was offering up the complete opposite on that fateful September morning.

Today, in the midst of the moments of silence, there was a piece on the news about new school supplies for kids…bullet-proof supplies: iPad covers, computer covers, whiteboards that could deflect a weapon of assault aimed at shattering their innocent lives.

Yesterday, my yoga teacher quietly noted that our children do not know any other world besides the post-9-11 world.

Now, look where we are.

Hopefully, the moments of silence and reflection today will continue to keep these events in our minds and help us to continue to strive for a peaceful world.

The words are overused and sometimes even seem like a trite slogan when you see them splashed on tee-shirts or bumper stickers…but at their core, they are powerful words:

Never Forget.

4 thoughts on “x2

  1. Never, and yet possibly because our current President was the first President
    not to attend a D-Day celebration, to cancel the National Day of Prayer, and his
    comments today to commemorate 9-11 appeared to be intended to influence
    his dilemma that is Syria, it is sad that our leadership may influence what the
    next generation will remember.
    Do your best to make sure the majority have the public schools do their best
    to keep history alive.
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

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