A Dose will Do Ya

Of Humor, that is.

This week, I’ve been musing on some of the basics that I feel are unsung yet critical to our well-being. I’m the biggest offender, for sure (ie. two nights ago I went to bed at midnight, a mere day after having written about needing more sleep in my life), so I hope these posts will work to reaffirm what I know to be true and to help finally get me to adopt some new routines.

There’s sleep. And there’s water. And then…there is humor.

You need it. I need it. We all need it. And if more people had it in their lives, the world would probably be a better place, ranking up there with good sex and good pizza.

The past few mornings, as my family and I have gotten ready to start our day, I’ve had the Today Show on in the kitchen on my iPad. For the most part, I tune into the news bits and disregard the rest. I did, however, tune my attentions to two interviews. One with Billy Crystal and one with Ricky Gervais. Billy was touting a new book and some show on Broadway that he’ll soon be in and Ricky was pushing a new Netflix show that has him playing a serious role for once.

The interviews were short and quippy, as they tend to be at 7am on major news networks. There was the requisite stroking of egos, lots of admiration and a whole barrelfull of shameless promotion to go with your morning coffee. BUT, there were some chuckles and clever humor. I giggled more than once and wished that I could continue my breakfast with Billy and Ricky and have it roll into the lunch hour. Maybe they’d be up for running some errands with me?

They did, after all, begin my day with some laughs.

All in all, that’s not a bad way to start a day.

I noticed, too, that it put me in a good mood. There was the slight running around (I say “slight” because we are only two weeks into the school year. By June, it will be “extreme”) of small people, gathering their supplies for the day. There were the grumbles about having to go in the first place (“I wish it were still summer vacation!”) and the expected mumbles about being tired. But it was all diffused fabulously by the chuckles that Billy and Ricky had supplied me with.

Now, there’s something that we should all pack when we are getting ready to fly out the door in the morning…the willingness to laugh during the day.

Laugh at our mistakes? Laugh at the ridiculousness of some situations? Laugh at ourselves? Laugh along with someone else?

A friend of mine once told me that she keeps CDs of comedians in her car and listens to them as she runs her errands during the day. I thought this was perfectly brilliant. What a great way to infuse a bit of pleasure into the mundane! Or can you imagine getting to work with your sides hurting because you have laughed yourself silly on the way there?

I can only imagine that the good vibes would be contagious and set you on a good path for the day.

Or, at the very least, the path to your desk.

So go, have a funny day.

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