Whoooooo Knows…

I’m superstitious.

I knock on wood. I routinely throw salt over both of my shoulders while I am cooking (I can never remember which one is the correct one, so I pitch it over both…just to be sure).  I have a good luck charm that I have rubbed so much over the years, the face of the Saint is completely dulled. I’m not kidding. St. Faceless protects me.

I believe that when you say something aloud, the universe hears you and will respond somehow. I’m also a firm believer that there is much in this universe that we don’t understand or that can’t be explained. Hence, the “do you believe in ghosts?” question I get every October, without fail, from my girls. My answer: “Sure, but I think that if I saw one you’d have to then send me straight to the loony bin because my mind wouldn’t know what to do with it.” My guess is that I’ll never see a ghost.

Lots to believe. Much to wonder about. There’s also the notion of the universe sending us signals. That they are present and all around if we just start to learn how to tune into them. Little clues and subtle hellos. Wee affirmations.  All around and scattered at our feet. Or sitting next to us, or even in the eyes of another.

Are they coincidences or clues? Are they random or somehow intentional (and if so, who or what is doing the intending?). No answers here, unfortunately, just a whole lot of questions with a little bit of faith, optimism and curiosity mixed in for good measure.

For instance…a few nights ago in our household we had a “homework meltdown moment”. Welcome back, school year! Actually, it was like a half an hour of “moments”. Child melted down, Mom followed in quick progression and the day ended on a less-than-stellar note. Grumble. Grumble.

Fast forward to the next morning, after greeting aforementioned child with a kiss and “Good morning! New day! Do over!”, child is floating around kitchen as Mom makes breakfast. We chat. She floats. She peeks into large, glass sugar container on counter. Sugar is almost gone, save for a few grainy drifts along the bottom. As she looks, something catches her eye and she signals for me to come over and look….

A heart in the remaining sugar. Love. Oh, how cornball but oh how (pardon the pun)…sweet.

Spread that sweet love and homework meltdown be damned! It’s a new day!

Have no fear, I understand that finding what resembles a heart shape at the bottom of my sugar container is no work of gods, spirits or any other unknown. It was sheer, sugary coincidence in all its glory. BUT, it was an interesting thing to stumble on, given the prior night’s tense homework situation.

These are the little things that just rev my engines.  I also amuses me that I only just now realized, after writing a post that starts with the words “I’m superstitious”, that it is Friday the 13th. The brain probably had that little morsel stored somewhere and unconsciously, I was then led to write the  post. A good logical explanation. As for the sugar?….

Have a sweet Friday the 13th, everyone. Throw that salt (which, by the way, I found out just yesterday-here we go again with coincidences-that it is actually the left shoulder. Who cares. I’m still doing both), look for those signs, take notice of the wee things.

Even those little grains of sugar.


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