Of Ponchos and Sugar

I pulled out my poncho today, along with my jeans and a cute pair of flats.

For the first time in months, my toes are enclosed.

Feels odd, but also good (can put off fixing that waning pedicure a few more days).

Cool mornings. Dark mornings. Too nippy to sit on the front porch and drink my coffee when just in pjs if there’s no blanket around.

Note to self: grab blanket for the next morning.

Divine Miss Autumn is reaching in and taking a seat next to us. The colors are showing in her hair. The light she casts is of an amber-y glow. She smells slightly smokey and woodsy.

She likes to eat apple cider donuts, the kind that leave coarse sugar on your fingers. Don’t just brush off the sugar, lick it off and enjoy it the way a child happily devours frosting off of a wooden spoon.

She whispers to you to get cozy….stay awhile…nestle in…

Will do…


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