Waste Not, Thrill Many

Every morning, after I drop my girls off at their schools, I listen to NPR.I know I’ve mentioned this to you all before, this is not (pardon the pun) news. At that hour in the morning, I’m not quite awake enough to want to be assaulted with music and I want to get a little dose of news (not too much, not too little-just enough!) to start off the day so that I can function as a somewhat informed member of society.

Well, Friday morning’s radio time delivered a great news story. That’s odd enough in itself to say…when are news stories ever good? You pretty much have to hunt down the good ones, laying in wait for one to come along like some kind of weird hunter on a media safari. In the midst of the horror, chaos and turmoil that continually invades our world, this is a more rare occurrence. But when you hit a good story, it’s usually a great story and it sticks out like a gloriously sore thumb. This one, as I recounted it to the hubby the next day, made me perfectly misty-eyed.

So, the place: Atlanta, Georgia. A young woman is preparing for her wedding day. The extremely fancy-schmancy hall has been reserved, place settings and flowers have been chosen, the gown and all little details have been tended to.

The heartbreaker: 40 days before this glorious event, the wedding is cancelled (no explanation was given to the press.

The family of this Should-Be bride is left in a horrible, saddened state, as you can well imagine. What to do? Two-hundred guests have been invited and are set to come to what should be a joyous event! The food, the flowers, the decorations, the band, the aagggghhhh! Everything! What to do?!

The wedding is not going to happen. The family goes to bed. Pondering. What to do, what to do….

Should they “sell” the wedding, as some cancellees are now doing  (guess you can officially sell anything on Ebay or Craigslist)? How wacky is that? You can literally sell an entire wedding if your bride or groom decides that it’s just not for them even after every detail is planned. Just pop two new people in there!

Should they throw a party (albeit a highly strange, elephant-in-the-room kind of gathering) for their friends, just minus the groom?

Or should they abandon it all and just take the many-thousands-of-dollars hit?

This is a tough one, to say the least.

Dad-of-the-Should-Be-Bride sleeps on this dilemma and wakes up with their solution. Ding! Ding! Ding!

They are going to throw a party for 200 homeless women and children.

(You can all smile now)

An agency in town is quickly contacted and when the head of this organization gets their call, she thinks it’s a prank (wouldn’t you?). The Should-Be Bride’s family convinces the woman that it most certainly is not, a bevy of phone calls are made and many very surprised homeless women and children are cordially invited.

Wow! Now that’s a solution!

The head of the organization goes on to recount how it turned out to be such a memorable occasion for the party-goers. My favorite part was when she described how enthralled and curious the kids were about the passed h’ors d’oeuvres; they didn’t know whether to take one… or take the whole tray? Passed h’ors d’oeuvres, after all, are generally not on the menu at shelters.

The women and children were entertained, fed wonderful food on beautiful plates, linens and crystal and given a truly unique day-all because a family looked beyond themselves and their circumstances and did not want to see something go to waste. And now, due to the love and the joy that was created out of a sad event, they hope to have this gathering every year moving forward. What an event they have created!

The original cake had only a bride and groom adorning it. This one has 200 happy individuals.  Now, there’s a cake topper.

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