Need ’em Both

One of my favorite quotes of all time, and I’m not even sure who said it (sure, I could Google it, but I’m feeling lazy, which is ironic given the quote I’m about to hit you with) is…

The world has dreamers. The world has doers. But most of all, the world needs dreamers who do.

That one little quote blows procrastination right out of the water. Do…Dream then do.

We’ve all met these folks too, ones on either side of the equation. The dreamers who, although a wonderful bunch, are really just a whole lot of talk at the end of the day. Lots of passion, lots of great ideas, insane amounts of optimism, but no get-up-and-go. Hmm. Something is missing.

Then, there are the doers, who are wonderful too, but are (to me) rather mechanical in their efforts. They are the machines, they are the work-horses. The are the go-getters.  But do they have the unique passion or just the drive (are those different?)?

In my eyes, the dreamers-who-do are the really magical bunch. The ones that really create. They harness that passion and that crazy enthusiasm and make something glorious and new from it.  There is a creative, active energy there that cannot be beat and the results from that are great things. They could be small-but-great-things or big-but-great-things, but always good, always stemming from a positive activeness.

I hang these sparkly letters on the flowers that always grace my kitchen counter. I remind myself to dream, but also to try to do as well….that magical combination…

Go Dream, Go Do!


2 thoughts on “Need ’em Both

    1. Love her although was dismayed that she lost all of her money (from when she hit it big, in the Oprah-era) via fault of her own and others (lecherous husband, I think I read?)…and is now having to rebuild. Oy. Be careful what you wish for, I guess…

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