Ask me a Question…


“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

― Zora Neale Hurston
This is so true. I know this to be true.
Have you experienced these times? Some years, you can wonder and wonder some more about any number of things and there’s only a tangled web up in your brain.
But then, somehow, it untangles. Maybe it does take years. But it does untangle and hopefully in a natural, easy fashion. And that’s when you know it’s right. Because it just happens, your questions get answered and you start to move along in life again.
Kind of like when your kids were little. You’d be in the midst of one of their “phases”, wondering how you can possibly survive another day of it (I specifically remember sitting on the bottom step of our stairs, crying, because the bedtime routine-up and up and up again!-of our youngest had reached the exhausting and highly-frustrating stage) and then….without notice, it just stops. Poof! The “phase” disappeared and you didn’t even notice when it did. Until you did (and then you were thrilled).
It just happened organically and quietly. Ok, onto something new!
The years with the questions are good ones, despite them not seeming like it at the time. Questions that make your brain hum and, I think, have you subconsiously analyzing during all those seemingly “down” minutes. You are literally working around the clock, without even feeling like you are working. Unless that’s what the migraines and tension are from. Probably.
Then, a new year comes sashaying along and it brings with it a large, colorful assortment of answers. Hey, there you are! I was looking for you (took you long enough to get here…harumph). But you did, so hey, stay a while, I like that you are here! I’m sick of thinking about you, I’d like to just get to the doing.
Questions and Answers. The age-old game. And sometimes the time in between, despite it seeming like a bug trapped in a chunk of amber, becomes clearer as time progresses.
Listen for the answers. Watch for them.

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