Marking Time

Anniversaries. They mark time. It’s important that we celebrate them and not just let them wash by us in the flurry of the everyday routines.

They are special for a reason.

They may mark the day you said “I do” or even the day you said “I don’t” (site the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Francis is given a chocolate cake by her friends with the word “Freedom” piped on it in white icing…”you start a marriage with cake, why not end one with cake, too”). They may mark the day you began an adventure or completed one. They could be grand or simple. They may be public, for all to enjoy and celebrate or they may be contained within a heart and for solitary retrospection.

Whatever the magnitude or reason, mark them. Hold them dear for they contain within them a page of our personal history.

2 thoughts on “Marking Time

  1. I love that we have 3 “anniversaries”…

    1) The day She kissed me,
    2) The day I proposed to her, and,
    3) Our wedding day

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr G. May you enjoy many, many, many more…

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