Snowballs in October

Set a tone for the week.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. And it’s so true, have you noticed that? I almost treat it like a little science experiment at times…Mama wakes up happy and rested, breakfast goes smoothly, Mama remains calm in the face of morning chaos and all parties going off to work or school are in a good mood. OR Mama wakes up tired because the cat walked across her chest at 3am or the tea she had after dinner turned out to be caffeinated and Mama Bear is gruff. Huff, gruff, grumble, grumble. All little bears follow suit.

So, along those lines, I guess it stands to reason that a person can have a bit of control (good or bad) over their day…and others. Just like the Henry David Thoreau quote that I enjoy so much and think of often (especially since having kids)…

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts”

Well, how about taking that even further.

Last Friday morning, Mama Bear was getting the kids ready for school and in the kitchen, making the coffee, having an english muffin, and listening with half an ear to The Today Show. Most of it is silliness (do I really care where in the world Matt Lauer is? Uh…No.) but every so often they do a news piece that makes you stop chewing that english muffin and put down that coffee mug.

This story was about a homeless man in Boston. Good ol’ Beantown. This man lives on the streets. He wears glasses, has a stutter and very few teeth. His name is Glen. Glen found a backpack that was left at a strip mall, near where he usually spends his days. And what was in that backpack? A passport and lots of cold hard cash and travelers checks. About $40,000 worth. And what did this man do, who we all know could have benefitted greatly from this sum of money?

He took it to the police. Turned it in and as a show of thanks, the police gave him a plaque and a ceremony.

Huh. A plaque. Ok. A nice enough gesture to showcase this (poor) man’s honesty.

But really. A plaque? This man is homeless. And he found $40k.

Enter Ethan from Virginia. Sees the story and decides that the plaque just ain’t cutting it. So, he starts a website and tells the story of the man with the stutter and the found (and returned) money.

In rolls over $140,000 from folks all around the world who agree with him.

Holy karma, Batman. Those lines of karmic communication were running hot and taute that day, as Glen turned in the money and HIS money showed up not-so-long after. *I have wondered about that…is there a time frame in which karma happens? A little window or expiration date for the offer to karmically get repaid?*

Glen set the tone for his day, then Ethan set his tone based on Glen’s tone and others rose to do the same…and on and on and on. $148,000 worth of “on”, to be exact.  And now a homeless, stuttering man’s life is changed forever in a fabulously positive way. The most beautiful domino effect ever.

So, set that positive tone. In little way or in great ways or however the sweet way you see fit.  And then you can sit back and watch that snowball….hopefully it will roll and roll, bumping joyfully into many souls along the way….

Let it snow! Let it snow!

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