A Good No

The other day I picked up a magazine and it listed about 40 Things To Do to Keep your Life Stress Free. It cause my eye because I’m submerged in a relatively high stress zone right now and am working to stay sane and keep on top of things. Thankfully, and knock on wood, all the things swirling around me are good things, so there’s really nothing to complain about in the scope of life. BUT, regardless, those things are still swirling and I’m feeling a tad like Dorothy in the middle of the twister watching the cows and the Wicked Witch fly by on her bike.

This list…it had a wide range of things to do such as:
go to bed at 9pm twice a week
try to stop reaching for the Reese’s
eat a good breakfast every day
cultivate gratitude

..and so on and so forth. The one admonition, though, from the list that stuck out at me was:

“for every Yes, let there be a No”.

Huh.  Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

I wish I could climb (hop, run, fling myself like a Cirque-du-Soleil acrobat) into bed at 9pm twice a week. I wish I could say that I’ve kept up with exercising each day and I really, really wish that I won’t reach into that bag of Reese’s, especially now during Halloween season. BUT, a yes followed by a no…that I think I can handle.

Lots of Yeses, each followed by a No.

I hate to say it, too, but this blog…this wonderful, life-changing blog of mine, has become a (very) temporary No. But then again, if I’m actually allowing myself to say the other Yes’s and this becomes a No, it’s still a good No because I’m following my own advice and really soaking up the very words that I am typing to you all.

Something’s Gotta Give (in the words of one of my favorite movies).

And as I KNOW that this blog will be here and I will type, type, type my new ideas when they pop into my mind (maybe not every single day but as often as I can) and I KNOW that my lovely and faithful readers will remain encouraging and enthusiastic, I also KNOW that a temporary NO is ok. Perfectly OK.

It’s ok to say No because of some other lovely Yes that sauntered into your life. It is, after all, the only way to remain balanced.

Just call me a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat who, although she doesn’t jump into bed at 9pm, does know how many plates she can juggle.


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