Lookie That

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus

You know how life goes in waves of being bananas-busy and then there’s a wave of things settling down and are just plain mundane…up and down….the ebbs, the flows?

I’m on a wave right now…the bigger one. Riding the Big Kahuna and gripping the board with my little pedicured toes (it is nothing short of ironic that, as I type this, I just heard my cat throw up in the next room. Good lord. Can I just have one minute?). I’m happy to say that everything this wave is bringing is good stuff (knock on wood)…a new consulting/writing job for me that I actually had to fill out a tax form for the first time in 13 years…a home renovation which is leading to a tub that I will be able to submerge my whole body in (no cold knees!) and a kitchen where I can entertain, cook and move about the culinary cabin with wild abandon. No complaints here, that is for certain. But due to these things, coupled with the kids, the house, the activities, life is…ah, sigh….a tad bit….busy.

BUT, as I drove my youngest to school today, I noticed that it was one of those day that just screams “New England in the Autumn is just one of the most beautiful places on Earth”. The sun was out….blazing in that toasty-in-the-afternoon way it blazes at this time of year and that vibrant sun was setting the leaves on fire. It’s that perfect leaf-peeping week around here. The leaves are still virtually all on the trees, but they have turned color. The aging process of the trees has somehow frozen in time for a few moments…as if you’ve captured a tree on fire, completely ablaze, but nano-seconds before it incinerates.

There was a bit of a breeze, so the hyper-yellow leaves swirled in their mini-tornadoes around the road as the cars passed by. Total movie moment. Car flying, leaves whirling.

All the colors on the trees blurred together…the yellows ran into the pumpkin oranges which ran into the deep russets and burgundys. Impressionism in grand living color. You know those slightly tacky calendars with the “scenery” pics in them of different parts of the country? This autumn-ness is THAT.  Perfect at the moment.

So Mama Nature is putting on her show right now and thank goodness I had one of those glaring moments of clarity that says “Hey you, look around. Enjoy it. Don’t miss it”.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me

Fluttering from the autumn tree.”-Emily Bronte


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