J to the OY


What a perfectly delightful word. Isn’t it? It just sounds like what it is…happy, optimistic, more happy…so nice rolling off of your tongue. It can even be a good name for a person, despite the fact that you don’t really hear it very often. I guess the problem is that this name comes with pressure…what if the person named “Joy” didn’t really live up to the name? That would be a dinger: a grump named Joy.

This is the season for Joy. It’s all around, albeit wedged in between Pressure, Merriment and Frenzy. There is joy. Hello, joy! Where have I noticed you lately?…

-on my garage doors, in the most literal sense of the word. Each holiday season, I come up with some Martha-esque project to do that I really don’t have time for but that satisfies my creativity in  big weird, festive way, so I plunge into it regardless. This year, I made 3 good-sized evergreen letters for our garage doors…J-O-Y. Our message to the neighborhood. The best part is that if a truck parks in our driveway and blocks the “j”, we are announcing “Oy!”, a nod to our non-Christmas celebrating friends. It’s the ultimate holiday card.

-on the woman walking in front of me the other morning. She had on a long black coat, black tights and black shoes. Pretty typical business fare and honestly pretty boring. YET on her head was a silver, sequined Santa hat. She didn’t even go for the traditional red velvet one..she chose silver sequins, which made her dome somewhat resemble a disco ball but that is beside the point. This lady was getting her glitz on AND celebrating AND keeping warm at the same time. A trifecta of seasonal goodness.

-from the words a woman spoke to me at the post office yesterday. As I put stamps on the holiday cards that I was mailing, this woman looked over at my envelopes, then at me and then said-with her hand on my arm-“Did you address all of those?” “Yes…” “Did you even put a little note in each one?” “Yes….” “In this world of Ecards and Evites, THAT’S WONDERFUL!” She was tickled to no end that I was sending a real-live cards and that they contained small hand-written greetings. I liked our cards this year a whole lot (even despite not catching the typo of the wrong date on them…”2014″. OY). This made me like them a whole lot more.

-from the wee voices at my younger daughter’s holiday concert last night. I remember saying-clear as a bell when I was somewhere in my 20s-that I hated the sounds of kids choirs. Absolute nails on a chalkboard to me. Squeaky little voices, all singing different notes in different keys at slightly different tempos. But, ah how times change…when you have your own little person wearing that slightly-too-big Santa hat standing up there on those risers and belting out carols that you have heard a million times, it’s the best sound in the whole wide, snow-covered world. Squeaks aside.

-from the workmen who have been at my house every day ripping up the space that will be our new kitchen in 2014. At 7am this morning, they were there, banging and sledgehammering…to the sweet sounds of Christmas songs. I could not have been more surprised if (to quote a holiday movie) “I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.” Yes, big burly men with skull tattoos up and down arms listening to Bing and Frank so that they can get into the holiday spirit. I promptly told them that it made my day hearing this and I’ll be heading over to Dunkin Donuts shortly for hot cups of mint hot chocolate for them to show my appreciation and well, joy.

Big joy, little joy. It’s all around and it’s delightful to stumble upon. Spread it, revel in it, enjoy it….



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