The Quiet of the Storm

As I write this, my area of the country is being hit with a snowstorm. Yesterday the news was a flutter with snow estimations and the roads were filled with consumers buying gifts and milk and bread before they were stuck inside.

It is still early now but the snow has begun to fall earlier than they predicted. The roads are sprinkled with a smooth white covering and they are quiet. What would normally be a busy, 11-days-before-Christmas hectic shopping day has been slowed to a halt.

It is also the first anniversary of one of the most horrible days in the history of our state and even of the country.

This snow is bringing us all inside and keeping us there, safe and sound today. We are home with our families-I think Mama Nature may have intended this. Make it a quiet day. Let’s remember that day one year ago and not have it get lost in the shuffle of the holiday.

Snow. Quiet. Listening. Thinking. Remembering.

Looking at the people in our our homes and being immensely grateful.

Be still.

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