Everybody now…Sigggghhhh

I don’t know about you, but I love it when an event is over.

We just had our abbreviated holiday season (can someone puh-lease make a motion to move Thanksgiving to the third Thursday in November instead of the fourth? This is killing us all) and somehow, it all got done. And without any new gray hairs. I’m actually fairly amazed.

The tree was put up in record time right after Thanksgiving (honestly, again…can we get a little more breather-time between the two holidays?), gifts were purchased, with the last one arriving via mail on our doorstep at 10pm on Christmas Eve (will never do that again. Talk about heart palpitations), cards were mailed, sent and even hand-written and enough cookies and sweets were made that my fridge is now asking “Where’s the butter? You had 6 lbs in here last week? I feel empty”.

But then the Big Day arrived. Gifts were opened, families were visited, parties were partied, holiday meals were shared and glasses clinked together, toasting a Happy Holiday.

I love the moment when you can just BE in the moment. And even better, when the moment is over and you know it went well. All the prep is finally done. Don’t get me wrong…I love wrapping and planning and watching Jimmy Stewart and Zuzu while I make my homemade marshmallows and rum balls. And yes, I even love hiding that annoying red elf each night because it’s worth seeing my daughter’s face the next morning when she finds him hanging from the mistletoe or peeking out of the hubby’s guitar.

But there is something fabulously satisfying knowing that when you are in the moment, it’s all done. You can just enjoy it. There are no other i’s to dot or t’s to cross…time is up, you are finished and yup, you just get to enjoy it. All the frenzied pre-event madness is now a thing of the past.

And when it wraps up (literally and figuratively), you can look back and sigh a contented sigh.


That’s how I feel today. We are putting away the newly acquired gifts and trying to make room for them. The ribbons from gift packages are being put in the ribbon box (yes, I have a ribbon box) to save for another holiday. Sweets are slowly disappearing, the needles on the tree are dropping. All is winding down as yet another holiday season comes to a close.

It was good.


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