To Begin

All my intentions for the year will start in earnest tomorrow. For body, mind, soul and “other”…professional, mental. Go vegetarian for 30 days, just to see what it’s like and how my body feels. Expand upon the professional network that I cast year and keep the momentum going. Read more, FB less (if I had a nickel for everyone who is probably vowing to do that…). Challenge my mind since I’ve been forgetting just about everything lately and it’s starting the scare the sweet bejesus out of me. Get my physical being to a place that makes me comfortable in my own skin.

I’m listing seemingly sweeping goals here but I’ve made a detailed list in a notebook of mine. “They” say to make things as detailed as possible and then you can really process them. Processing then leads to doing. Just as if you were reading a map; you wouldn’t be able to really get where you were going if you looked at a map from space. You need to see the close-up for all the streets and addresses, bridges and turns. Apparently, the universe needs details. Hell, so do I.

Today has been about recharging, about toasting to 2014, about relaxing. An insanely peaceful and hopeful day, complete with a traditional walk on the beach.

One always takes a breath before they dive in, right?

Some scenes from the day…







6 thoughts on “To Begin

  1. I never get real excited about a “new year”. A new year to me is the first day of school but this year I have some things I want to do differently and I’m hoping it happens 🙂 Love the idea of making a detailed list in a notebook. All my lists have gone digital and I miss writing them down.
    Great pictures!!
    Happy New Year!

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