Good Finds

Some New Stuff

The downside to the holidays is that it involves a lot of “stuff’. Big gifts, last-minute gifts, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, gifts for your hairdresser who expertly keeps the grays away, gifts to receive, gifts to return, gifts that you hope the person will love, gifts that you hate but can’t admit that you hate.


Stuff, stuff, stuff. And then there’s the post-holiday stuff. As in, we now have all of this new stuff so we have to get rid of some stuff to make room for that new stuff. I think George Carlin did a bit about this very phenomenon.

Life, whether we like it or not, is smattered with stuff.

So, ironically, I need to tell you about some new stuff. This is good stuff. I’ve purged our house to hell and back, made room for new things, chucked out old things, so these few things are fine to take up residence here. Two are things, one is edible and it’s so good that it won’t stick around in your house long enough to be considered “stuff”.

Numero Uno: The best winter sheets in the history of sheets. Given to me (us) by my parents, who apparently have a freaky radar because our sheets are all getting to the end of their lives at precisely the same time. It’s like a creepy sheet-pack; we all get threadbare in unison, sending our owners on crazy buying sprees after the holidays when you are least in the mood to spend a dime. Berkshire Blankets sheets  are a total bit of heaven draped across your bed. They are microfleece and you just melllllllt into them. Trust me, they are a divine way to drift off into nevernever land and you will relish doing a swandive into your bed. The true test during the winter? They aren’t cold when you slide into them.

Numero Due: Finally! Finally! an ice cream scoop that actually works! You’re thinking “what? this chick can’t maneuver an ice cream scoop?”. They Are Not All Created Equal. Some look like they will scoop perfectly with their little curved ends but all they do is leave your hand aching. Others scoop too small a scoop. Others are flimsy. We’ve all been there in the midst of scooping. It’s like searching for any perfect kitchen utensil; when you find the perfect one, you want to whoop for joy because it’s just made your life in the kitchen a bit easier and more enjoyable. Enter: The Gelato Scoop from Williams-Sonoma. It looks like a mini-shovel and it has liquid in the handle which then conducts your hand’s heat into the scoop part so that it just slides through the ice cream or gelato. And, boy, does it. Lord have mercy! I wish I had one of these during that high school summer when I worked at the ice cream parlor in town (note: only in your high school days can you make endless “mistake” sundaes and not gain a pound).

And finally, Numero Tres (Numerically, I’ve done Spanish, Italian and now French): This is stuff but only in the sense that it is a kind of stuff you will love to have in your kitchen cabinets. Biscoff European Cookie Spread, yeah-like we need another cookie right now. I had never even heard of a cookie spread. This delight is in a neck-and-neck race with Nutella or that Pistachio spread that I discovered last year. All three-hot contenders for the Love-to-Eat-You-Off-A-Spoon-Award-Because-Well-I-Don’t-Need-A-Reason. Biscoff is basically ground up biscuity cookies mixed with some oils and cinnamon. Surprisingly enough, its vegan, has no artificial flavors, colors or preservative and is even Non-GMO. There is a god. And it resides at Stop and Shop, over near the jams and peanut butter and Nutella, its friend. You will love it, I promise. Just a tablespoon will do, so it won’t blow any weight-related resolutions you happen to be in the throws of right now. And a big thank you to my high school bestie for turning me onto this. I owe you for this one, baby.


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