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Thin Mints Aside, It Takes Work

The other night, I watched as the ever-kooky, tuxedoed Diane Keaton (with unbelievably awesome silver-foxy hair) accepted an award for Woody Allen at the Golden Globes awards show. To be honest, I’m not and have never really been a Woody Allen fan. I just don’t get him, but I watched her speech because I am a Diane fan. She is loopy, creative and seems completely, totally and fabulously at ease with herself.

She did, though, lose me when she started singing the old Girl Scout anthem of “Make new friends but keep the olllldd…one is silver and the other gold”.  She even belted out the second stanza that no one knew existed.Really? Diane knows that everyone loves Diane but enough is enough. Accept the award, throw in a few silly and sentimental Woody quips but then exit gracefully. Maybe the Girls Scouts were upping their marketing tactics and Diane was really kicking off their cooking selling season. Hmmm. I didn’t see her with any Thin Mints for the crowd.

That said, I get what she was saying and frankly, she did do it in classic Diane style. She and Woody are longtime friends and that is a reason to celebrate.

Maybe my brain was looping her loopiness, but a thought occurred to me today as I was driving: I’ve been friends with two of my besties for 30 years, as of this year. We met when we were 14. I’ve been friends with another for 37 years. We met when we were in second grade.

This is insane to me! 30-plus years! And we still laugh and talk often and enjoy each other’s company. We laugh about old times but we make new times, too. With one of those friends, our kids are now friends. With another one of those friends, I played a part in his wedding ceremony this past summer. We visit each other when we can fit it into our increasingly busy schedules (titled “Life”) and we keep up to date with each other’s lives. Stretches of time may lapse between calls or visits, but we always reconnect and fall comfortably back into the blissful rhythm that is old friendship.

Like any relationship in your life, it takes work. Ugh. Work. Does everything have to come down to work? In this case, unfortunately yes. And, as we have all seen, the good things always do take work. Work to weather changing personalities, work to take the time to honor the old times but still create new ones, work to maintain “that thread” so that it doesn’t unravel like the old sweater you loved but can no longer wear.

If it’s worth it, make it so. Then you too can break out in song many years from now when you have a wonderful lifetime under your belt with some very special beings that you affectionately call your friends.

Thin Mint, please.

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