Water? Sun? Maybe neither.

My last post talked about friendships and how they take work to sustain them. Care, tending, nurturing, sweating in the blazing sun…just like a thriving garden.

Well, you know, and I’m surprised to say this myself….some friendships don’t, as I realized this weekend.

A good friend of mine (actually “ours”-my husband’s too) came to our home for a visit. She arrived in the afternoon and stayed until after dinner and we talked about all manner of things and laughed non-stop. As we spoke of time -she has a big birthday coming up this year-we determined that we have been friends for close to twenty years. “Twenty years?!”we both exclaimed in utter amazement. Yup, twenty.

And the crazy part, which we both cited, is that we don’t see each other that often or even chat that regularly. But somehow, when we get together, we just slide right back into that lovely groove that we have and it is like no time has lapsed. It is perfectly delightful every time. We just pick up from the last time we got together.

Why then, do some friendships take work and others really don’t? Some need doting, while others are simply happy to roam the garden and meet with your caring hands intermittently. Are they just heartier and can sooner stand times of drought or extreme weather or are their roots already established and deeply entrenched? Some flowers have to be moved all over the garden to the point of great gardener-frustration until they finally-hallalujah!-hit that perfect spot and take off blooming. Others will grow in any condition. Some struggle for years and then, just about the time you are thinking that they are throwing in the towel (trowel? ha), they hit their stride and become glorious and long-lasting and among your favorites in the whole garden.

The mysteries of living things, whether plant or people. Like my all-time-make-me-happy-when-I-see-it flower, the Sunflower, flowers and people will both turn their faces to the sun to receive the attention they need. The gardener just needs to wait and observe. And finally, tend how tending needs to be done to have that thriving, beautiful and satisfying garden.

How will your garden grow?

2 thoughts on “Water? Sun? Maybe neither.

  1. I agree I recently caught up with old school girl friends I have not been in contact with for twenty years. They were all the same personalities just older and wiser. We laughed about heading towards menopause and beyond. A great catch up where time stood still. Best thing to do is count your good friends as blessings I think.

    1. Without a doubt….and the best is when you discover who your real friends truly are. Whether their presence spans time or weathers storms, when you know who the real ones are, it’s the blessing of all blessings.
      Enjoy them!

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