Feel It…Whew!

Pride is an interesting emotion, especially when it concerns the achievements or actions of those around you.

To feel pride for someone else is almost to rise outside of yourself…to feel nothing of yourself but something completely of another.


To be bubbling over and happy entirely because of and for somebody else. And think absolutely nothing about yourself in those moments except “I am so proud of that person.”

I think pride just might be the closest thing we can get to an out-of-body experience here on earth because it can, actually, have nothing at all to do with you…except for the tie that connects you to the person.

Luckily, I experienced a nice blast of pride over the past few days in regards to the members of my family. My girls had me mesmerized when they each took their martial arts tests. They stood on the mat as confident young girls, ready to tackle what was coming their way. I saw intention and conviction in their stances and their movements and I could not have been prouder. This is just how this mama hopes her girls will continue to grow…strong and with purpose.

A few evenings earlier, I attended a work function with my husband and during the night, I was continually told how much his coworkers enjoyed his company and how much he added to their days. It brought a smile to my face as I heard the stories of how this man brings laughter, creativity and a strong work ethic to his place of employment. I was proud to hear these things and so proud of the man who I married all those years ago.

It is a funny thing to hear about others and experience a rush of pure joy in yourself. Like a glass that’s being filled. You didn’t give anything of yourself or help someone with something. You just felt this wonderous emotion as it filled you up and made you glow. And simply because of a bond, a tie.

Enjoy the rush….

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