Fire in the Ice

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”-Charles M. Schulz

I would feel like the biggest slouch-blogger in the universe if I didn’t post today on Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been a sucker (Charlie Brown?) for this holiday. Maybe it’s the holiday-hound in me, maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me. Whatever it is, whenever I see that glossy, red Russell Stover cellophane or some frilly hearts, mine skips a beat. A brilliant blast of red, pink, sparkles, chocolate in the midst of such an icy, frosty, post-Christmas-boring-ish month. When spirits are lagging and Mama Nature is pummeling us with sleet and snow…we have a day that celebrates all earthly love. This holiday would totally get lost if it were in December or in June. What better to lift us out of a wintery slump?

Nuttin’ (Except some chocolate. And yes, I will totally cop to taking a bite out of one that I don’t like and then promptly putting it back in the box. We all have our foibles).

Enjoy today. Enjoy that the world is coated in frost and snow and all the while, we’ve got warmth in our hearts. Love someone. Love yourself. Love all that you are accomplishing. Love a good chocolate, a good book and some heart-happy music. Show the love. Feel the love.

Then grab a chocolate and sink those chompers in with all the gusto you’ve got.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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