I am in the throes of blogger’s block right now.

I just haven’t been feeling the inspiration lately. Is it the weather? Winter sure-as-heck doesn’t want to seem to clear the way for Spring and I’m simply tired of being cold (realizing fully that I will regret that last statement come July). Those proud, swooping daffodils in my backyard look like they need little infinity scarves. Is it that we (my family members) are all worn out from the house renovation? Very possibly. Is it due to the fact that we didn’t take a vacation in April as we usually do due to the aforementioned renovation? Definitely. We’ve all been recounting our Captiva-shell-hunting days more than usual. But some years are like this, so this really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Does a brain just get tired? I’m beginning to think that it does. How can it NOT? It’s kind of like a Mom, “on” 24-7. Lordy knows, Moms get tired but keep plugging along. I certainly keep having creative thoughts and haven’t turned into some kind of blubbering zombie, but those thoughts just seem somewhat dimmed. I’ll take note of something that would be good to write about (an experience, a quote from yoga class), but somehow getting it to the page is… a…struggle. It’s like those nights when you are in the mood to go out but the thought of dressing up and actually getting out the door seems like more work than you want to do.  Or those nights when flannel wins over lace. You know what I’m saying.

I’ve been stalled with this blog for over a week now (and always feel very loved when people notice-thank you!) but it’s been needed. Like the seasons that are in a transition phase right now: Winter is over, but still has a few last hurrahs left in it while Spring is waiting anxiously on the sideline, waiting to get in and win the game. We are stuck in the middle and my brain seems to be at the moment, too. It needs to regroup and recharge before getting back in the game and playing. I think the most important thing to remember is that we can’t be 24-7 ALL the time. We need to step away and take a seat on the bench here and there.

Honor the lull. Respect the ebb and flow.

Then power back up.







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