A Fond Farewell…For A Moment!

The year began with brand new containers,

Lunch boxes shiny and new

Monogrammed, clean and filled to the brim

With cool, fun lunches made by YOU


You brainstormed, you slaved

You made them not-to-be-beaten

You cut foods into shapes, wrote notes of “Love You!”

And hoped that all would be eaten


Sandwiches of all sizes and flavors

Peanut butter, turkey and ham

Fruits, crackers, little treats

With each new week you made a plan


The year plugged onward

You were losing steam…

Hallelujah! It’s spring break week!

What a relief! It was a good lunchless dream


How to keep these lunches interesting?

Do you want to just buy one and give Mom a break?

“No! No!” the kiddies respond

*You growl. This is a job I hate*


Ugh, MORE weeks of lunches,

Here is a sandwich and yet another snack

Cheese crackers, pears, Horizon milks,

So tedious, I’m losing my knack


“Oh, I hate this!” I cry

Far worse than homework help and chauffeuring

It really shouldn’t be so bad

Of the whole year, it is what I am always fearing


188 lunches packed and eaten

Piled up they would form a huge mound

What started with grains, fruit and veggies

Has disintegrated to whatever’s lyin’ around


Here take a leftover, throw in a few grapes

There are no more cookies, Mom’s got to get to the store

No note today, we’re running late

How many more days of school? How many more?!


Hurray! Wa-hoo! The last day has arrived!

You can feel the summer’s heat

Vacation, vacation, in all of its bliss

The kids turn to you and ask…”What can we eat?”







2 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell…For A Moment!

  1. Mine went today with wonderful notes congratulating them! This is my favorite poem on this website! This is truly something I can relate to. Thank you April G!

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