A Really Big Ice Bucket

This week I watched a 3-year old play on her favorite playground and as she climbed back into her stroller she said “Mommy, I had so much fun here”.

This week I received news that a dear friend had a son-his first child. A little bundle all wrapped up like a wee burrito. A head capped with dark hair.

This week I gathered up all of my old “Mom-clippings”-ideas for crafts, outings, activities-and sent them off to a cousin with a small child for *them* to have fun with.

And this morning, I dropped *my* baby off at her high school orientation.

And then I cried all the way home. And then sobbed on my husband’s shoulder when I walked through our front door (he is now officially fearful for the college drop-off years).

I honestly didn’t expect for this to happen. Yes, I am sentimental. Yes, I am a mom who adores her children and cheers at their every milestone. But I don’t think I was prepared for how much this declared “The Small Years are Over.”

She will always be my baby, that goes without saying. But…

Her hand will never be small again.

Reading to her is a thing of the past.

She will never again be delighted by spending a half of an hour tearing apart my purse and wallet to investigate all that lurks within Mom’s Big Bag of Tricks.

Scratch that. Who I am kidding? Parent’s wallets and kids go hand and hand for eternity. Phew. There’s one thing that won’t change.

As she got out of the car this morning and joined the herd of fellow Freshman, one image popped into my mind:


There they go. Jumping into that cold, icy water. The days of the kiddie-pools are officially over.

Kids up front, parents in the back. All about to dive into something new. Something that looks scary as you stare into it but is also exciting in its own right. You want to make the jump, but oh…really? Do I have to now?? There’s no easing into this one. You. Have. To. Just. Jump.

Arg. Tears.

But just like the penguins, before long we will acclimate to the bracing temperature and swim , swim, and swim some more, as every penguin has done since the beginning of time.

It seems tricky to cry and jump at the same time (I’m really not a good multi-tasker), so I will join the herd along with my girl and….jump.

You go, I go, right?



4 thoughts on “A Really Big Ice Bucket

  1. Oh, my friend, the ride hasn’t stopped. Yes, they get bigger but their adventures get bigger, too. It’s a very exciting time. Yes, the “Small” is gone but in her place is a lovely young woman ready to test her wings. You and the Mister “done good”… Keep smiling!!!

  2. You said you picked back up on your blog…, I didn’t know I would need a tissue to read this one, warning next time maybe! My friend, we begin this journey together.

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