Bueller? Bueller?

Off to school!

Yay! Back to a routine. No more battles about anything involving a screen or beginning with the letter “i”.

Nay! Lunches to make. Shopping that HAS to be done (no more winging dinners summer-style). Activities, open houses, meetings to attend. Homework to do, do, do.

Every Mom can sympathize. The beginning of school is a total love-hate situation. You are lying if you say that it’s not.

My eldest walked into her big, new school today wearing a tee-shirt that says “Save Ferris”. I looked at that and thought that there goes a girl with a sense of humor, confidence and a nice dash of appreciation for “vintage”. I also looked at it and realized¬†that she is wearing a little bit of my high school experience. Ferris and John Hughes ruled the roost. It’s her little talisman for a great high school experience from dear ol’ Mom. May it guard her in those big halls and help her find her way through the maze that is the high school years. Thank you, Ferris.

With the exception of accidentally throwing out my daughter’s brown bagged lunch that she prepared last night after I, in a kitchen purging fit before bed, mistook it for old Chinese takeout (“Mom! Really??! Really!)…we are back on track for a new year. You’ve never seen two people re-assemble a lunch so quickly in your life this morning (with 3 minutes to spare before we walked out the door). One small Tupperware was ultimately the only casualty of my poorly timed cleaning session.

You can even smell school in the air. Sharpies? Bus exhaust? The mornings are cool. The afternoons toasty. The sunlight is more amber-colored. A new school year has officially begun. The frenzy that is the school year has also begun. But as dear ol’ Ferris said all those years ago…


Happy First Week of School Everyone!

(OR…Happy First Week of Solitude, Fellow Parents!)

Long live Ferris.





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