Go Batty

3 bats.

For the past week or so, three bats have circled out house each evening at dusk. Frantic, swooping, flying creatures. I know this because I bought a sweet little table and chair set and plunked them out on our back porch so that hubby and I could enjoy coffee out there each morning. We’ve taken to doing the same in the evening after dinner. Why? To give ourselves a view of our lovely garden and smell the sweet outdoors as we begin and end our hectic days. Why? Because it hit me this summer that we spend too much of our dang time indoors. Not just “us”, society as a whole.

As we spent two glorious weeks in July at a home alongside a lake, I noticed how much time we were outside. We grabbed out coffees each morning and sat on the deck, watching the lake wake up. A lone fisherman there, a loon talking in the distance. We wandered about town, we spent langorous hours at the little beach, pine trees behind us and evergreen hills rising before us. We walked to the town from the beach. We climbed mountains. We roamed. We scrambled up ropes courses (see previous post-ha). All outdoors. There were two drizzly days that kept up inside to play games (new favorite: Quiddler), read books, nap and munch popcorn, but that was it. Three words spring to mind: Happy as clams.

Summer has wrapped up. School has begun again. Back to work. Back to schedules and errands. And back indoors. Really?

Yes. This is how our little corner of the world functions at the moment. Hubby is in an office. Kids are in school. Parents try to squawk about students needing (scientifically!) more recess and educational time in the great outdoors, but nothing changes. Words land with a thud. This is the school day. Not changin’ it now. I dash from computer (hello, blog and writing assignments) to errands to schools to activities. How the heck has it come to this?

Batty. Simply batty, it is.

But being outside *has* to occur. Our souls want to be in the outdoors-it is where we are in tune. It is amazing how just being the garden for even a half an hour can do something to your outlook. Huh, outlook and outdoors start with the same little word…OUT.

So, we commune with the bats each evening. And last week, as the Super Harvest Moon stood in the inky sky, I stood on my back porch in my fuzzy lavender bathrobe after everyone had gone to bed. I gazed. The moon was as bright as a spotlight shining in the yard. Truly crazy bright. I watched as the clouds moved at a brisk pace across the grayed, shining sky…a little like time-lapse photography. I heard nothing but the sounds of the night (how very Phantom of the Opera of me). Not a car, not a dog, not a person. Why are more people not out here looking at this gorgeous sight and soaking up these fabulous sounds rather than the ones that rile us during the daylight hours?

At one point, when we were climbing that aforementioned mountain this summer, two women were coming down the mountain as we were ascending. As they passed, we heard music…they were playing music on their phone and listening it to it as they hiked. Hey, fine, whatever works for you, but hubby and I both agreed afterwards that we would never even think to do that…’dem are worlds colliding. Not to mention that nature has a pretty sweet symphony going if you listen…



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